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 The bold Stripes in retro colours will make this a favourite blanket for  picnics.

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Garter stitch makes great straps it’s a slightly elastic fabric which holds the blanket roll together  neatly.

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A combination of garter and stocking stitch at the edge keeps the stripes neat and stops the edges from rolling.

Picnic blanket

The art of Knitting, Issue 48

Big chunky yarn, and 10mm needles mean this blanket is surprisingly quick  to knit.

 I often find  working out the smaller details is the most satisfying part of a new design.

In this picnic blanket I like the way the garter stitch stops the edges from curling and combined with the stocking stitch, this keeps the stripes neat,and has no show through as you change colour!

I wanted to make sure the edge was knitted all in one with the blanket, I really don’t enjoy knitting edgings  or sewing them on!

The other detail I like is on the straps, plain garter stitch is just that- too plain! So I added the stocking stitch detail to give a more interesting texture.

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Picnic Blanket

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