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Knitted large and shrunk into felt by washing - This bag is a fascinating project

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Once felted, this strong but stylish bag will hold all your magazines neatly together.

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The Chunky felted cable pattern blends into the strong handles, creating a seamless design.

Felted Magazine Bag

The art of Knitting, Issue 14

Use 100% virgin or Felting/ Filz wool to make sure your knitting shrinks when you wash it!

This Magazine bag is truly enormous before its felted!

I love working with felted designs,the filz wool shrinks when washed at 40 degrees and transforms almost magically into thick strong felt.

I created this pattern using two strands of yarn throughout, when this shrinks it  makes  the  really thick firm felt necessary for a bag this large.

I stitched all the bag sections together before felting it in my washing machine, this gave the finished bag a better, crisper shape at the edges.

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Magazine Bag

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