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Learn to Knit

A slip knot is needed before you can start to cast on. Make a circle of yarn and put the needle under the short (cut) end of the yarn Use the needle to draw the loop of yarn through the circle. Pull both ends of yarn to tighten the knot. This is the first row you make before you start to knit. Try to make the stitches the same size  and loose enough to slip along the needles. Make a slip knot about 15cm (6in) from the end of the yarn and hold the needle with the knot in your left hand. 1. Slide the right hand needle through the front of the loop and under the left hand needle 2. Using the yarn from the ball, wind a loop around the back of the right hand needle and over it’s  tip and between the needles. 3. Using the right hand needle keep the yarn loop on its  tip and draw the loop through the slip knot towards you. You will now have a stitch on each needle. Casting On Making a slip knot
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