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 A bright and cheerfull statement  cushion to enliven your living space.

Chunky garter stitch produces  bold, stylised petals, and the  The ridges accentuate the petal shape.

A stocking stitch flower centre, finishes the cushion beautifully and hides the joins between the petals

Flower Cushion

The art of Knitting, Issue 55

A fun and interesting quick knit, in bright neon colours!

Size  45cm across

I was inspired by Gerbera flowers, when I created this cushion, with their vivid petal colours contrasting strongly with a dark centre.

I’ve added shaping to the garter stitch stripes which form the petals, this means they curve nicely into smooth petal shapes.

I use high loft stufffing which is very light and does not pull the knitting out of shape- it’s worth investing in  good quality polyfibre. It makes ahuge difference to finished appearance of your projects!

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Flower Cushion

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