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Pixie Felt  Slippers

These fun feet hugging slippers with pointy toes and a sweet pixie cuff are very easy to knit and felt.

They are simply knitted on 2 needles and have no complicated heel to turn.

Felted Size  (foot size from heel to toe)

 Small approx 22cm (UK 3-4)

 Medium approx 24cm (UK 5-6)

                       Large approx 26cm (UK 7-8)

Needle size 8mm (UK 0 /US 11)   

tension - 11sts x 16 rows = 10cm (4”) square

Knitted using 1 strand of Worsted / 10 ply  pure

wool – Handwash yarn (felting yarn).

Recommended yarn:-  

Grundl Filzwolle color or uni felting yarn


  small and medium sizes  4 balls x 50g/50m

 large size  5 balls x 50g/50m




inc= increase 1 stitch by knitting into front and then back of the same stitch

k2tog= knit the next 2 stitches together

st st =  p1 row , k1 row. Makes 2 rows

PM = Place stitch marker

Additional tips

Picking up stitches-

Mark with a pin half way down each edge of the gusset shaping. Mark half way along the 5 cast off stitches on the heel edge. You will now have 4 sections, starting from the gusset seam, pick up 9, 9, 8, 9 stitches between each section

Pick up stitches from the very edge of the knitting to avoid a bulky join.

Alternatively you can knit the heel, toe and cuff pieces separately and sew them together before felting. To do this cast 35 stitches and then follow the pattern for the foot and cuff sections.

Ladder stitch the seams, by picking up alternate threads on each side of the very edge of the knitting.

Turning the work involves working a short row. This means turn the work and p or k back along the sts just worked. Once the turns are completed continue to knit along the remainder of the row.  Short rows give extra shaping- in this case it helps the pointy toes curl up.

 C 2013 Claire Fairall

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