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Felting By Hand

You will need- Plastic bowl /washing up bowl Rubber gloves Laundry liquid Hot water (40°C) Clean dry towel Make sure your knitting is turned the right side out. These photos show a phone pouch to illustrate the technique Place the knitting in the bowl and add approx 1 tablespoon of laundry liquid. Now take a deep breath and pour the hot water over your knitting! Using rubber gloves start to squeeze and pummel the knitting between your hands At first the knitting will feel very loose and floppy because the yarn stretches before it starts to shrink. This is not at all what you might expect, however the felting will start to happen quite quickly. Rubbing and squeezing the knitting makes the wool fibers interlock. Do not wring it as this will stress the felt and may twist the finished item. Back
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