Knitting pattern designer

Claire Fairall


Here’s just a little bit about me…

I spend my days in my sunny studio with my Siamese cat for company and surrounded by colourful yarn, whilst my hands are busy clicking the knitting needles or sketching new ideas.
My sketch book is always full of new toy and doll characters waiting to be created in yarn, I love bringing them to life with my knitting needles!
I create dolls and toys to celebrate the seasons and important times in people’s lives, Christmas and Easter- New babies and snuggly tired toddlers.
In brief I guess you could say that I'm a knitting designer, a pattern writing, chocolate and sun loving, yarn addicted- Siamese cat companion.


“Writing patterns and sharing my joy and passion for creating is what inspires me. And it's in those quiet hours spent knitting, that I relish my life, and the chance I have, not only to do what I love, but share it with others”



82 Knighton Lane Leicester LE2 8BE



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